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Taft Brown: Bio

Taft Brown blends his love for children and his passion for music to connect with his audience. Taft has been writing and performing since his adolescence, but since having kids of his own, he has found a creative passion for writing his imaginative and entertaining music for children and families. Taft says, “I get my inspiration from my four children, and I hope to share the fun with other kids and their families through my music.”

For years Taft has been involved in singing and performing songs to children from youth camps to children’s worship, but creating a CD for kids only occurred to him after helping his oldest child brush her teeth. Her tooth was loose at the time and he began singing “Loose Tooth” to the tune of “Footloose.” Soon after, Taft started writing parodies with kid-friendly lyrics to popular songs; a few months later, he added his own original melodies. According to Taft, his objective is to make music that both kids and parents will enjoy, resulting in a truly full family experience. He believes children should learn, be motivated, and discover self-confidence. With catchy hook-lines like “Socks with Crocs” and “Bye-Bye Tricycle”, Taft’s songs are focused on what a child might be experiencing in their world today—on their own level.

Taft’s band rocks, with accomplished musicians including Chance Britton on drums and percussion, Jimmy Butler on keyboards, Gabe Wicks on bass guitar, and Bobby Colvert on electric and acoustic guitars.

Taft, his wife Kristen, and their four children currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee. Taft's high-energy debut album titled "How Now Brown Cow" on the Green Banana Music label is now available on CD and downloads.